The Miracle of the Handkerchief (Mocadoret). English Version

It was in 1413 in the City of Valencia and Saint Vincent Ferrer was preaching at the square known as Plaza del Mercado.  He suddenly stopped preaching and was visibly saddened as he shed a few tears. Some concerned parishioners standing nearby asked him:

  • Father Vincent, what is troubling you?
  • Oh, my dearly beloved brethren! Bona gent! (good people)
  • I have had a vision of a poor family living somewhere nearby. They are starving to death and are undergoing great hardship. If we do not help them, succour them, they will perish.

The people around the saint were overwhelmed at the disturbing news and wanted to know more.

  • “Tell us, Father Vincent, where is this family? Guide us there and we’ll give them food and money”.
  • “May God bless you for your generosity! My handkerchief will guide you. Follow it!”

And turning words into action, he took out a handkerchief (“Mocador”) and threw it up into the air. Almost instantly, it gently flew down several neighbouring streets close to the square and gently slid into an open window of house close to Tapinería Street. There and then, the ill and starving family was found. It goes without saying that the citizens of Valencia were generous and opened their hearts. Those poor people were succoured.

The house where the festivity of the Handkerchief of Saint Vincent Ferrer (Mocadoret) is celebrated is in the same place where the prodigious event described herein took place centuries ago.

The Board of the Mocadoret Altar

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